Catnip Tea For Cats And Check Out Its Benefits For Your Cat

Are you thinking of enjoying a cup of tea with your cat? Here catnip tea for cats and this product is safe for your cat to fulfill this desire. It has a relaxing effect, and if your cat is too wild or violent, you can relax them by giving 2-3 spoons of herbal catnip tea in the cat’s evening snack. Make sure tea is not too hot for them as it will burn their tongue. Sometimes cats tend to fall asleep after having their catnip.

This little tiny leaves and catnip flowers have an excellent mild flavor of mint, attracting the cat the most. You can put catnip packs on cats’ toys so that they can enjoy its heavenly fragrance and will make them cool down. Please don’t give this tea to your cat in an excessive amount as it will lead them to toxic like a reaction as it is a little bit weedy for them though they refuse tea after they have enough of it. However, this catnip is healthy and a great source of refreshment drink for your cat.

What is catnip tea?

Catnip is an herbal tea that belongs to the mint family and is also known as Nepeta cataria. This tea has a heart shape, light green leaves, and lavender flowers. Flowers contain cough relief agents and also use for making bug spray. Catnip tea has properties that trigger cats’ brains and make them jolly, happy, relaxed, and aggressive.

How to make catnip tea for cats? 

If you are a cat lover, you must try this catnip tea for your cat. It will boost up your cat’s energy, and its fragment is suitable for your cat’s aggressive mood too. To make catnip tea for your cat, follow these simple steps-

  • Take hot water about 208 – 214degree F in a cup or a container with a lid.
  • Add 3-4 spoons or 1-2 bags of catnip tea, leave and add chicken broth or fish stock for better taste. You can add milk as a substitute for chicken broth as cats prefer milk too.
  • Stair it with a spoon or leave it steep for 4-5 minutes until all volatile oil comes out or bouillon infuses in the water. You will see a greenish color in your cat tea, and it is ready to serve.
  • Give your cat about what amount they require and store the rest in the refrigerator.

How long effect of catnip last on pets?

Approximately10 to 15 minutes, the effect lasts as the cat sniff or drink catnip tea. Cats drive crazy, jumping, rolling around, and frisking as long as the olfactory fatigue lasts in their brain. Usually, they bite and scratch things after licking or chewing catnip tea. No significant studies show that catnip tea’s effect lasts long, more than 10-12 minutes in felines. If you see your cat doing any weird act after a certain period, stop giving catnip tea immediately. For further inquiry, consult with a veterinarian.

What is the ratio of catnip tea for cats?

The best ratio of catnip tea for making tea is two spoons leave, or flower is to 1 cup water. But it’s totally up to you how much you prefer to add catnip leaves to your drink. But for the perfect cup of catnip tea, add one-fourth cup of water in a pot, two spoons of catnip tea leaves or one bag catnip tea, chicken broth or milk, two fourth cup, and let it steep for 5-6 minutes until all flavor come out. Cats prefer chicken broth or fish stock much rather than milk, so that you can use these things on tea.

Catnip tea benefits

Catnip tea has been using in many countries like the middle east, china, Central Asia, North America, and many countries from the ancient period for its excellent therapeutic properties. Both flowers and leaves are beneficial for health-related problems. There are numerous benefits of this herbal catnip tea that you can’t imagine. catnip tea benefits show below-

  • You can use it to treat nervous breakdown and anxiety problems.
  • For treating GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), stomach ache, digestion in both humans and cats, catnip is best.
  • People use it to treat insomnia problems and breathing problems. It is better to have catnip 10-15minitues before sleep for sound sleep.
  • Catnip flower has a cough relief agent. In many pharmaceutical companies, catnip tea use for making cough syrup.
  • People use catnip tea to treat fever, arthritis, and viral fever in ancient times, but now it is not seen to treat fever in modern days.
  • As it has diuretic properties, it can use to treat decrease water retention.
  • It can use to heal infected tissues in the body as it has antiseptic properties. It can in insect bite, burn skin, and inflammation.
  • People use it for repelling bugs as catnip flower has the properties to repel insects.
  • Its desirable properties can calm cats and for better training wild cats.

Side effects and risk of catnip 

There are no significant side effects of drinking catnip tea. But sometimes it can show some side effects like-

  1. Drowsiness
  2. Fatigue
  3. Cats bites or scratches
  4. Get hyperactive or aggressive.

As catnip tea is harmless for cats, but sometimes it can create problems for your furry friend for overdose. It can be poisoning for some cats, and symptoms are like-

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Pain in stomach

    If you see the extreme condition in your pet, consult with a veterinarian as soon as possible.


Question: Dried or fresh catnip best for cats?
-As its fragment is essential for cats’ behavior, not its flavor, we suggest you go for the fresh one. For its better response, you can smash leaves before giving them to your cat.

Question: Is this catnip tea helpful in training cats?
As it has seductive and relaxing properties, it can be useful during cat training. You can add catnip tea to their toys and train them.

Question: Is it safe for 3-4months age cats?
-It is for cats who reach sexual maturity, not for the kitten, as it doesn’t show the effect on them. So, it is better to give you a cat above the 6month age.

Question: Is catnip tea good to soothe cats’ upset stomach?
If your cat suffers from a stomach ache or stool problem, you can give them catnip tea as it is perfect for them.

Question: Which effects most smelling or chewing cats’?
Both chewing and smells have the effect of relaxing in catnip tea. But cats tend to stiff it more rather than chewing catnip tea. Chewing has a relaxing impact than seductive to cats. You will see they will fall asleep after chewing catnip tea and drive crazy after stiff this herbal catnip tea.


As a cat lover, you always want something to calm your cat and relax when they get wild and are too lazy to be trained. For this, you can try catnip tea in your cat drinks or use volatile oil in their toys and stuff. Feel safe to use this fantastic tea for your cat as it is entirely natural and has many therapeutic properties. But be careful if you see any abnormal behavior in your cat when using these catnip tea leaves and stop using them. Although it’s the best thing for your cat you have ever seen. To read more like this article you follow our blog section.


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