How to Make Mushroom Tea for Yourself: Learn the Procedure


Many people got out of the traditional tea’s taste, and they experiment with various ingredients to bring out the best. You may have eaten mushrooms with different dishes, but do you know how to make mushroom tea?

Many of you may not know about the tea concept, but it’s quite famous in the USA; moreover, you can prepare it at home. You should have the prior knowledge about the ingredients and making procedure.

When I tried it for the first time with my boyfriend, I liked the flavor a lot, but he found it not so useful; he asked me, “Why does it taste so weird?” However, it may taste awkward to the new drinkers, but you will love it once you get habituated.

Let’s not waste our time and find out all we can know about the mushroom tea, especially how to prepare it.

What Is Mushroom Tea, And Do You Know Its Concept?

The mushroom tea is an aquatic solution or a mixture of hot water and mushroom powder; you can consider it a medicinal liquid. Therefore, it contains many micronutrients (vitamin & mineral) besides low cholesterol.

The tea originated mainly in Korea, but the culture developed well in America and Europe; the versions are:

  • Scaly Headhog Mushroom Tea
  • Black Hoof Mushroom Tea
  • Oyster Mushroom Tea
  • Psychedelic Mushroom Tea
  • Lingzhi Mushroom Tea

Psychedelic mushroom tea is the most popular and easy to make; that’s why if people are interested in preparing the beverage, they may use it. Moreover, the plant is available in any corner, and you can comfortably grow it near your residence.

How Can You Grow Mushroom for Tea Near You?

Surprisingly, you can’t see a mushroom with bare eyes let alone growing them; you can now assume that the process is different. The way you fertile the seeds and put them on soil, you won’t have to do such a thing here.

However, the mushrooms are spore-like, and increase their number in the same procedure; they depend on some specific nutrition items. They rely much on grains, wood, or dust; you can call the factors to spawn.

The spawns help the mushroom grow and provide the necessary nutrients (mostly carbohydrates). How much spawn it will take depends on the mushroom’s species; they grow well on logs, straw, cardboards, or soil with compost.

You can buy the growth helper items from Amazon if you want to culture the spores artificially. Please remember that mushroom grows well naturally than artificially; therefore, you must choose a suitable place where you can increase them.

Only determining the areas is not enough; you have to control the environment around it to get the highest growth. Trees usually need a sunny, hot, and watery surroundings; on the other hand, a mushroom grows well in cold, shady, and humid environments.

Know the simple steps to grow mushrooms near you; that’s the most successful procedure:

  • First of all, bring a tray for culturing mushrooms; its measurement should be 14×16 inches, and the depth should be at least 6-inch. Moreover, you should get enough compost to make the tray fertile for the spores.
  • Secondly, get some natural spawns from the store or online, and sprinkle them all over the tray; they should be on top.
  • In the next step, you have to get a heat pad to create the correct temperature for mushroom’s growth. Remember, this task’s optimum temperature is 55-60F; you can let the weather grow till 70F and cover the tray after that.
  • Keep the surface moist; so you can spread water drops or cover the whole thing with a damp cloth to create a humid environment.
  • Lastly, let the mushroom grow and harvest it on time; the process duration depends on the genre. Some mushrooms are ready for harvesting within 4-weeks; on the other hand, some take up to 6-months.

This process will work the best if you culture in winter because summer doesn’t have the perfect weather for mushroom growth. However, growing is the first step in making mushroom tea.


How To Make Mushroom Tea and What Will You Need for That?

It would help if you learned about the necessary ingredients before knowing how to make mushroom tea; let’s check the list:

  • Chopped, crushed, or powdered mushroom (genre should be of your preference)
  • An extra teabag for better flavor.
  • Orange, lemon, or other citrus fruits to extract more.
  • Sufficient amount of water in 1:5 ratio (5-grams of water for 1gm mushroom)
  • A pot to boil besides a kettle and a mug.
  • And lastly, a water strainer.

Please ensure that you have gathered all ingredients for making mushroom tea, and didn’t miss anything. Let’s know the necessary steps of making delicious tea (psilocybin mushroom):

  1. First of all, count the people you want to make tea for and take a cup of water for each. If you have water with a small or moderate-sized cup, you should take 1-2 gm crushed mushroom; on the other hand, measure 5gm for tea in a large mug.
  2. Next, you should get your necessary mushrooms crushed, or you may buy powdered mushroom from the store or Amazon (the best e-commerce site).
  3. You should then take a pot and pour the water to boil it; keep heating it for 10-15 minutes. You can mix the lemon extract with the hot water or add it later; keep the pot for cooling at least 2-3 minutes.
  4. If you haven’t added lemon juice while boiling, you can add it separately; the citrus fruits accelerate the mushroom extraction.
  5. Pour the mushroom powder you have taken and let it mix well with the water; please keep noticing the change in color.
  6. Once your mushroom tea is ready, you should strain the total solution and pour it into cups; you can use the separated mushroom crush again, but it should be immediate.
  7. You can add an extra teabag or something else to increase the flavor; garnish it more to make it taste better.

However, that was the standard procedure of preparing mushroom tea; you should check the taste and texture before serving it to people.


Learn Some Selective Recipes of Mushroom Tea to Choose One

Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms (50 to 100 mushrooms per tea is recommended);
Pressure cooker;

– under running water,
wash the mushrooms well.
in the pressure cooker, position them and add 2 times the amount of wine mushrooms. add about 3 cinnamon slices, a few mint sprigs, and cloves. put it on the fire and let it boil over medium heat for around 40 minutes. just strain, then, and enjoy!!!!
(important: the dose varies from person to individual, we recommend that you take the half cup (100ml) and wait at least one hour if it doesn’t affect, take more half-cup, do not exceed this measure, because you could intoxicate or enter a bip. ). good trip!!!!!!

  1. Chaga Mushroom Tea

Follow these steps to prepare delicious and unique flavored Chaga mushroom; don’t miss anything.

  • Find Chaga mushroom cubes for blending, and if you need it powdered, you can use a coffee grinder. The crushed one dissolves faster than cubes; the machine will provide you with a fine powder.
  • Get your water boiled in a teapot for 10-15 minutes; you can use an electric kettle instead of a stove and a bowl.
  • You can also use a mushroom tea bag and steep it for 4-6 minutes to prepare a perfect flavored Chaga mushroom tea.
  • After it’s ready, pour it into a cup through a strainer and check if the flavor is okay or not.

It won’t take more than 20-30 minutes to make Chaga mushroom tea; you can store it for 3-hours and add ice cubes to have the cold version.

  1. Lion’s Mane Mushroom Tea

That’s another popular mushroom species that tastes good, and the solution gives you a spicy tea’s flavor; let’s know how to make it:

  • Firstly, get your crushed mushroom tea and other mixed items to bring the desired texture and spicy flavor. You can collect honey, tea spice blender, coconut oil, and coconut milk besides for a better outcome.
  • Boil the water than on a stove for 20-minutes in low flame; please wait until it boils appropriately. Add the spice blender, honey, and other necessary items before putting the crushed mushroom.
  • Next, blend and mix the whole liquid well; run the mixture for 30-seconds in high flame.
  • Please pour the tea once it’s ready; please don’t leave the tea or particles partially brewed. Add condensed or frothed milk and cinnamon to decorate the tea well; you must choose tall glasses to serve the tea.

The tea is famous for its sweet and spicy taste; the loose tea leaves can also add a more exciting flavor.

  1. Maitake Green Mushroom Tea

That’s one of the healthiest mushroom teas; it has green leaves in the mixture, especially the Japanese one is sweeter and better.

  • Grab the necessary ingredients (enough amount of water, green tea leaves, Maitake mushroom powder, vanilla essence or bean, etc.)
  • Remember that your water should be rapidly boiled; therefore, it’s better to choose an electric kettle instead of a pot.
  • Once the water has reached the boiling point, you have to add the mushroom there; it will take approximately 10-15 minutes to heat the water.
  • Set the heat at the medium point before putting the additional items; steep the green tea leaves for 5-minutes, at least. If you’re preparing the tea on a stove in a large pot, you can stir it to mix it well.
  • However, you have to pour the tea in glasses or cups once it’s ready; the total quantity depends on how many people you are making tea for and how deep leaker they want.


I have shown the easiest ways to make mushroom tea and various recipes with different species. The genres are mostly from Asia, but they are more prevalent in the USA; moreover, some restaurants offer these items as a refreshment beverage.

You can watch more recipes on YouTube and do some experiments applying your knowledge. You have to ensure that the ingredients you are adding are healthy and not contradictory to each other.


Find out the Health Benefits of Mushroom Tea And Why You Should Drink It

Mushroom has many medicinal properties that make it very useful, but many people can’t have it barely; therefore, they prefer having it with tea. Let’s find out some advantages of drinking mushroom tea:

  • It contains Vitamin D, antioxidants, and dietary fibers; the composition remains the highest in sun exposure. However, these nutrients can prevent any chronic diseases, including cancer and tumor.
  • The mushroom content helps you stay healthy, strengthens your body’s immune system, and protects bone health.
  • Some mushrooms help you control the blood sugar but boost your energy; the results came from the study held in Los Angeles.
  • Many mushroom species have anti-inflammatory properties that prevent eczema, acne, or rosacea; you can apply it if you are not allergic to mushroom.
  • Lion’s mane mushroom is surprisingly useful for brain health; it generates your neuron growth.
  • Reishi mushroom tea is also a very beneficial and nutrient-dense element; it may taste slightly bitter, but you can add artificial sweeteners.


Is There Any Side-effect of Drinking Mushroom Tea?

Everything has both good and bad sides, including mushroom tea; you should know about them and ensure that it’s safe.

  • Some people are allergic to mushrooms, and they can develop many side-effects and complications through those substances.
  • It may not be safe for pregnant and lactating women; that’s why they should avoid it because every step will impact their children.
  • Mushroom tea is a good source of minerals, especially selenium, but excessive intake may cause an imbalance in the blood.
  • If you’re already suffering from cardiovascular or renal diseases, you must be careful about drinking the tea.

It’s good to know how to make mushroom tea for business or personal purposes, but you can have it only after assuring that it’s okay for your health. Some mushrooms are not edible for humans; moreover, they may be lethal for you.

Therefore, you should avoid those and have only the mushroom teas that are famous and clinically proved safe. If you’re a resident of the USA, you can check the traditional and popular mushroom tea list at restaurants or on the Internet.



No matter what the flavored tea tastes like, you should know how to make mushroom tea to prepare high-quality beverages at home. If you want to know about its growth, species, necessary steps, and recipes, you should read the article.

However, you can grow mushrooms or buy the powder version online; it’s not expensive because the necessary items are quite affordable. Everyone doesn’t have the same choice; so, choose one recipe and get started.


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