What Is the Healthiest Tea for Human Being and Why?


The medical and nutrition science are encouraged to have healthy food items in your daily diet; it may be solid or liquid. When you think about beverages, fruit juice, tea, and coffee may come to your mind; what is the healthiest tea?

However, you should find the healthiest herbs to make the best use of it; that’s why I drink green tea every day. I used to think that it’s the only healthy tea, but I learned about more uses of other herbs when I researched more.

Please read it to know more about tea’s health benefits and different leaves to differentiate between them; make your selection wisely.

Why Do People Get Confused Among Various Tea?

Some people consider green tea as the healthiest one; on the other hand, some choose white tea over other leaves. It’s challenging to choose one of the all-natural teas because each has some beneficial properties and elements; moreover, people have different opinions.

Therefore, experts are also divided through different conclusions because they research various species and find many positive health effects. The perfect way to identify one natural tea as the healthiest one is to know about all and compare them; the method may work.

On the contrary, you can keep various tea bags or packages in your collection to get different nutrients; 80% of the USA’s total people have tea on their kitchen shelves.

What Is the Healthiest Tea: 8 Species You Can Trust

Let’s learn about different tea leaves with versatile, beneficial properties and their subdivisions; the preliminary list is:

  1. Green Tea 
  2. Black Tea 
  3. White Tea 
  4. Oolong Tea 
  5. Jasmine Tea 
  6. Chamomile Tea 
  7. Peppermint Tea
  8. Hibiscus Tea

Green Tea 

  • Green tea is a good source of antioxidants that increases your immunity and prevents your body’s harmful effects due to aging; people aged over 35-years can take it.
  • The tea leaves contain such items that control the cell’s growth, preventing cancer in your body; a cell with abnormal genetics and growth are tumors.
  • Thirdly, you can say that it’s a healthy tea for weight loss because the leaves and elements present are highly active in oxidation, reducing body fat.
  • Moreover, you can drink it as a refreshment beverage, but it may taste slightly weird; therefore, you should add some more items, such as sugar, mint, or lemon.

Green tea has many sections or classifications; let’s see some of the most significant leaves from this genre:

  1. Sencha Green Tea 
  2. Matcha Green Tea 
  3. Gyokuro Green Tea 

Many green tea types are available in Europe and Asia; it originated in China, but the Japanese Matcha is the healthiest green tea. You should also know the side-effects of green tea besides the health benefits; you can determine if you want to use it or not after that.

  • Green tea reduces your blood’s viscosity or thickness; therefore, it affects the blood pressure and, sometimes, the heart rate.
  • It contains a sufficient amount of caffeine, almost the same as coffee; thus, sensitive people may have nausea, stomach upset, or insomnia.

Black Tea 

Black tea also comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant; that’s why it has almost all the green tea properties. Let’s find some health benefits of the most brewed and oxidized black tea, the specialty it has:

  • The polyphenols present in black tea strengthens your body’s immunity; thus, it protects your body from external microorganisms.
  • It plays a vital role in your body’s blood circulation and blood pressure; moreover, it can maintain the balance.
  • It mainly protects your heart health, prevents various possible cardiovascular diseases, and ensures long healthy life.

Let’s point out some side-effects of black tea because one beverage cannot have advantages without any drawback.

  • Though the tea has aluminum, chlorophyll, minerals, and other trace elements, it also has some toxic substances harmful to the human body. Therefore, it’s better not to drink black tea too often and brew it to reduce the toxicity.
  • Some black tea nutrients are contradictory to hemoglobin; therefore, excessive intake may cause anemia. 
  • The caffeine content here can create eye pressure, resulting in glaucoma; moreover, it may cause diarrhea. That’s why you should limit your black tea consumption and choose the best brand that provides it. 

White Tea 

White tea is another right choice for health-conscious people; it also shares the same route as green and black tea. Let’s find out the qualities that make it a healthy beverage; it has some similarities to its sister species.

  • It has antioxidants and a flowery flavor that makes white tea a refreshing drink besides healthy; the leaves have more nutrients than other natural teas.
  • It’s useful for people who suffer from various skin problems, such as acne, eczema, and dandruff. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce your pain or diseases due to an infection; moreover, the white tea tastes good.
  • It has a low level of caffeine; that’s why it’s not so harmful like other teas, and you can drink it 2-4 cups a day.
  • It works well for controlling diabetes; moreover, white tea is also suitable for people who are about to develop osteoporosis because it ensures bone health.

Whenever somebody asks what is the healthiest tea, the name comes to your mind right after green tea; let’s find some cons of this herb:

  • If you are sensitive to caffeine, you must limit its consumption to 400 mg or less in a day to avoid side-effects.

No matter which branded tea you buy and prepare, you must follow the instructions to maintain the quality and avoid unwanted situations.


Oolong Tea 

Oolong is a tea from ancient times, which is famous in both Asia and Europe; anyway, it has many health benefits that keep it on the list.

  • Oolong tea also reduces body weight as green tea because the present substances target the fat cells or triglycerides; thus, they reduce harmful saturated components.
  • Secondly, the tea is very active in improving your body’s metabolism; therefore, it contributes to your healthy digestion system.
  • Some people believe it helps heart disease and blood pressure; thus, they become inspired to have it. But the researchers haven’t found any strong prove in their studies to justify the belief; that’s you can consider it a myth.

They were the tea’s critical health benefits; moreover, the leaves have other standard qualities you expect from a tea. It’s time to know if there is any side-effect of this real or herbal tea or not; let’s find out:

  • It can cause insomnia, increased heart rate, urine, or anxiety if you intake too much; control the consumption of oolong.
  • Moreover, it may not be safe for elderly adults and pregnant women; if you are one of them, you should avoid having this tea.


Jasmine Tea 

If you’re looking for a lovely and natural refreshment for yourself, jasmine tea is the right choice you can select. Let’s see the health benefits of Jasmine tea in brief:

  • Jasmine tea has the base of green tea leaves; manufacturers add the flower’s flavor to reduce the bitterness. However, it has almost every ingredient that green tea has, ensuring the same health benefits.
  • The tea’s pleasant smell helps you feel relaxed; so, it can protect your brain health and makes you more focused.
  • The tea is famous and safe for older people; it can prevent Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, making it the best tea for mental health.

A question may arise to your mind that, if the tea which contributes to the human brain has any drawback or not; let’s learn about them:

  • It has no severe side-effect, and you can have 8-cups of Jasmine tea every day; its only disadvantage is it can create insomnia and loss of appetite.


Chamomile Tea 

Chamomile tea is one of those with a sweet taste and pleasant fragrance; you may want to know how it’s healthy, don’t you?

  • It has a minimum of caffeine, and it is safe to consume for people with a particular medical condition; you won’t face any allergy or similar problems.
  • Secondly, it influences human nerves; it helps you reduce stress and insomnia. Therefore, if you have such problems or 
  • want to improve your hormonal balance, you should have it.
  • Thirdly, it’s effective in irritative or inflammatory places; thus, it is a good remedy for ulcers, headaches, and diabetes.

A question comes that a tea that’s called caffeine-free and has such a nice flavor can have some side-effects or not; let’s check:

  • If you intake overdose or excessive chamomile, the useful drug-like tea can have reactions; for instance, it may cause eye irritation and skin allergy.
  • Sometimes, you may vomit due to chamomile overdose; therefore, you should follow the quantity approved by the FDA.

Peppermint Tea

The name peppermint makes sense that it’s something spicy and won’t feel bitter or wrong; but what are the health benefits of this tea?

  • It has unique properties that strengthen your body immunity and prevents viral attacks and infections; that quality makes it an antiviral drug.
  • The tea can continually reduce your nausea, anxiety, indigestion, and abdominal cramps; you can drink it while having such problems.
  • It may sometimes boost your energy, but not much; you should surely try this item because it can provide you health benefits with a good taste.

Let’s now talk about the side-effects of peppermint tea, if there are any; there may not be much.

  • You should avoid drinking peppermint tea only if you’re suffering from any heart disease or gastrointestinal issue; it may sometimes provoke the pain there.


Hibiscus Tea

The name hibiscus refers to that it’s made of flower extract that creates a refreshing flavor; let’s find out its health benefits.

  1. It is effective on high blood pressure and controls the circulation; it’s effective on heart health because the cardiac state is connected to blood pressure.
  2. Secondly, it works to lower your body’s cholesterol level; it targets the triglycerides and ensures that you have the minimum LDL level.

You must avoid having hibiscus tea if you have renal disease. You may have to take aspirin or similar drugs for your medical condition; both have contradictory hibiscus.


What Are the Best Tea Brands and Where Will You Get Healthy Ones?

Whenever you want to buy any product to use or consume, you always look for the best; it’s also applicable for buying healthy tea. You will surely buy a branded tea that ensures food quality and provides you with a healthy edible item; let’s find out the world’s best tea companies.

  • Vahdam is the overall best tea in the world, the leading brand.
  • The Republic of Tea, provides the top-class white tea.
  • Tea Forte will provide you the best samplers tea that is globally famous.
  • Harney and Sons is the perfect brand for you if you want the best black tea in town.
  • Jade Leaf Matcha can be your preference if you select this species from green tea.

However, you may choose any of these top-5 tea brands and keep on your kitchen shelves; their qualities will not disappoint.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Healthiest Tea 

1.What Kind of Tea Is the Healthiest One According to You?

White Tea or Green tea, the beverages from Camellia sinensis leaves, are the healthiest because they contain mostly the elements that protect human health. From the article, you can assume that green, black, and white tea are the healthiest tea for yourself.

2.What Is the Healthiest Tea to Drink in the Morning? 

If you’re looking for a tea to start your day with, it can provide you enough energy, and boost you for the rest time. You can count in chamomile, Matcha, white, yerba mate, or green tea as your day starter beverage.



What is the healthiest tea is a big debate because it’s not easy to choose only one over all of the herbs with different benefits. However, please select the one that seems to be the healthiest and affordable for you; ensure that they belong to well-known brands.

Luckily, many studies occur now, and the experts publish their results and theories on websites and social media; therefore, it’s been easier to know about anything.

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