What Kind of Tea Is Good for Headaches: See the List

Headache is a usual problem that you face; the reasons can vary from person to person, but the issue makes one suffer. However, many people don’t prefer to have medicines to avoid side-effects; they want to know what kind of tea is good for headaches instead.

I also prefer having tea after a tiring day or feeling that my headache can start at any time; moreover, my sister also drinks tea, especially in winter, to avoid her sinus pain. 

Having a hot beverage to deal with headaches is not enough; you should identify those that can be useful to relieve your pain. Isn’t it right not to depend on just medicines and find other ways to cure problems?

Can Tea Prevent Headache and How Many Causes of Pain Are There?

Some tea leaves have the elements that can relax your nerves or make your neurons work better; thus, it can help you feel relaxed. However, you may have seen people with several neurological problems; the common issues that cause headaches are:

  • Excessive tension or stress.
  • Migraine 
  • Sinus, etc.

Migraine has been a severe ailment, and it makes people suffer a lot; sometimes, medications can’t even help the patient recover. Sinus sufferers are supposed to be careful during winter and avoid the cold because they face severe headaches when seasonal flu attacks them.

Lastly, the common cause of headache is taking a lot of stress; too much mental pressure can create a rift in nerves, causing the pain. Nobody can escape work or responsibilities, but people should try to take less stress; moreover, they shouldn’t depend on sedatives or steroids.

tea for migraine headache

5-Useful Tea for People with Migraine Headache 

Let’s see the list of tea for migraine headache; that would be helpful for people who regularly face it:

  1. Ginger Tea 
  2. Peppermint Tea 
  3. Chamomile Tea 
  4. Willow bark Tea
  5. Feverfew Tea


  1. Ginger Tea 

Ginger is one of the ancient spices with many medicinal properties, and it has been used for treating various diseases; do you know why? The ginger can reduce acidic substances that can cause muscle pains or headaches; that’s why it’s a useful remedy for gastritis besides migraine.

However, it has anti-inflammatory characteristics that made researchers interested in studying the ingredient; they took some experiments. Next, the researchers gave ginger powder or a mixture with food supplements; there were headaches.

Therefore, they noticed a positive result and concluded that ginger reduces migraine pain, and it works like magic; the spice even reduces nausea caused by the headache.

  1. Peppermint Tea 

The studies haven’t been completed yet, and more research should be done to have complete information, but it contains menthol. It delivers a calm feeling and relaxes the nerves; that’s why people think of it as useful for migraine pains.

Peppermint has some liquid substances that provide medicinal properties; the tea will prevent cramps, and you can have it for other purposes. Peppermint tea for headaches can be useful, & you may rely upon it; you can also search for the making procedure on YouTube.

  1. Chamomile Tea 

Chamomile tea is a perfect beverage for relaxation; moreover, it provides a good taste that can afresh your mind and cheers up your mood. You will feel the pain on your head’s backside along with the neck; the sweet chamomile leaves stimulates the hormones to relax your nerves.

Therefore, you can drink it regularly to keep your body’s muscles and nerves healthy; having it 2-times a day is helpful.

  1. Willow bark Tea

The leaves are collected from the willow tree, and the people are using it for treating different diseases, especially pains from the past. The herbs contain chemical substances like aspirin that relax muscles and works as pain healers; the older practices drew the researchers’ attention.

The studies say that it works well to reduce migraine pain besides backache; you should avoid the herbs if you are a blood pressure patient and taking thinner medicines.

  1. Feverfew Tea

It tastes bitter but handy for human health; that’s why researchers held many experiments on the herb’s effect on migraine patients. One of the organizations started the investigation on 300 people and continued it for 2-weeks; it showed the desired result and reduced joint pain.

Find Some Tea Leaves to Reduce Your Sinus Pain 

Sinus makes people suffer in the winter; wouldn’t you like to know how to reduce the issue? Let’s see the list of what tea is good for sinus pain.

  • Green Tea 
  • Lemon Tea
  • Elderberry Tea
  • Chamomile Tea 

Green Tea 

Green tea is one of the healthiest tea, and you may have no doubt about it; the beverage works for weight loss, anti-aging, and preventing some chronic diseases besides a headache. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and it boosts your immunity to avoid sinus infection and prevents pain.

You can choose green tea for headaches because it has some useful elements that can reduce pain and make you focused; thus, it helps you during sinus.

Lemon Tea

Lemon contains vitamin C, and it can strengthen your immunity and prevent microorganism growth in your respiratory system; thus, it works on a blocked nose, sore throat, and inflammation.

Therefore, you can brew the tea leaves and add some lemon extract with the water; thus, you may prepare a drink to get rid of the sinus because the extra fluid in glands and important areas cause the pain.

Elderberry Tea

This herbal tea has antimicrobial and antiviral properties that are useful to prevent a seasonal cough, runny nose & sinusitis blockage; thus, it can treat your sinus pain. The elderberry is less popular than other tea leaves, but the medicinal performance it shows is quite surprising.

Whenever anybody asks you about what kind of tea is good for headaches, you may count upon the elderberry; it will never disappoint you, and it has no side-effects.

Chamomile Tea 

The soothing flavor and relaxing elements of chamomile will help heal the sinus headache besides curing the migraine. Therefore, you can consider chamomile tea the best beverage treatment for headaches because it has multiple medicinal characteristics.

Various herbal teas can also reduce your sinus pain; if you want, you will find different herbal tea recipes.

Which Tea Leaves Are Good for Reducing Stress & Curing Headache

Headache due to stress is a common phenomenon in people; those who don’t have other health issues but have to deal with different problems may face headaches at any time. These tea leaves can reduce your stress and headache quickly:

  • Lavender Tea
  • Valerian Tea
  • Passion Flower Tea

Lavender Tea

It has substances that help the adrenal glands control anxiety; moreover, the tea contains sedatives that relax and sleep. However, the tea contains soothing and relaxing properties, reducing your stress and headache; it tastes good.

Therefore, I will suggest to have it amidst the work or after finishing your busy day; one cup of tea will prevent your headache and help you sleep better if you have insomnia.

Valerian Tea

If anyone wants to know about the best bedtime or night tea, you should refer to Valerian’s name because it has been used for a long time to treat sleeping issues and stress in Europe. 

Researchers have also run many experiments and proved that the liquid could effectively reduce tension and prevent headaches. Moreover, you know that excessive anxiety creates both physical and mental problems, but Valerian tea can suppress all symptoms.

Passion Flower Tea

The name refers to the tea from a flower; therefore, it provides a pleasant flavor and smell, giving you a fresh feel. The scientists have found that the present substance here increases an amino acid called GABA, which controls a person’s mood; moreover, it’s good for sleep & relaxation.

No matter what caused you a bad headache or create problems later, you can find tea solutions because you can diagnose your health issue; moreover, you may already know your medical conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tea for Treating Headaches 

  1. What Can Prevent Headaches Other Than Tea?

The first thing you should do to avoid a headache is taking less pressure, keeping your hair loose, avoiding contradictory medicines, etc. Moreover, you should take a cold bag or heat pad whenever you feel that you are about to have a headache; that will be a perfect home remedy.


Food and beverages can be the right solutions to your health problems; it may be immunity-boosting, getting energy, or headaches, and your life will depend much on your food habit.

However, you should try tea instead of medicines with side-effects to treat your headaches; I hope you have read the whole article to know what kind of tea is good for headaches. Anyway, you may do some more research and choose 1-2 tea to keep on your shelves to have any time.

Please ensure you are buying a branded tea pack for yourself while selecting one to treat your headache; pick one with fewer caffeine and side-effects.

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